Why We Love Scrunchies

The 80s was a thriving time when rock & roll, and tie-dye neon colors were all the trend. Girls wore big puffy hairstyles with bangs and lots of aqua hair spray. Now, scrunchies are back and they have been around for generations. Scrunchies can create fabulous hairstyles from updos, to braids, and messy hair buns. Scrunchies are durable, soft, easy to put in your hair and will protect it from any damage caused by the Sun and daily activities. Satin, and silk are wonderful fabrics that protect the hair. Silk keeps your hair hydrated, encouraging stronger, and less brittle hair. Silk can prevent frizziness and reduce thinning without forming split ends. Satin acts as a barrier against moisture-absorbing fabrics. They help prevent split ends caused by your hair drying out, which results in healthier hair. Kofi Kreations provides a wonderful collection of scrunchies. From chiffon, cotton, and satin we have it all. Our XXL satin scrunchies are 4 times larger than your average scrunchie. Our scrunchies are for all hair types. Thick, curly, long hair is no match for Kofi Kreations scrunchies. View our wonderful collection of scrunchies and style your hair with confidence.