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Discover delightful hair bow selections with our Big Bow Grab Bag! You'll get an array of popular products at an amazing price, including three big bow headbands from our shop! Get creative and try something new - our grab bag is the perfect way to have fun and experiment with fabulous hair accessories.

  1. Comfortable Fit: The nylon elastic used in the headband provides a comfortable and secure fit. It holds the headband in place without feeling too tight or causing discomfort.

  2. Durable: Twill fabric is known for its durability, so a headband made with this material is likely to last a long time. It can withstand regular wear and tear, making it a great investment for those who wear headbands frequently.

  3. Versatile: A big bow headband can be worn with a variety of outfits, from casual to formal. It can be dressed up or down, making it a versatile accessory.

  4. Stylish: A big bow headband adds a stylish touch to any outfit. The oversized bow makes a statement and draws attention to the wearer.

  5. Easy to Clean: Twill fabric is easy to clean and maintain. It can be washed in the washing machine or by hand, making it a convenient choice for those who don't want to spend a lot of time on maintenance.

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Grab bags are already made up in advance and randomly selected. 

{M E A S U R E M E N T S}
Each handmade hair bow is approximately 4.5" x 2"

Includes: 3 Big bow headbands

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Spot cleaning with warm water, soap and laying in a sunny spot to air dry is the best way to keep wearable at all times! We don't recommend placing them in the washer/dryer since they are very delicate accessories!

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