Meet Tameka

Mama, Teacher, and Creator - Greetings, I'm Tameka, the founder of Kofi Kreations! I specialize in crafting unique and exquisite hair bows, scrunchies, hair accessories, and more. As a dedicated mother of three and an experienced teacher for over 13 years, Kofi Kreations is a business born from a deep well of love, boundless creativity, and unwavering hard work.

It all began at my humble dining room table when my youngest daughter requested extra-large scrunchies for her thick hair. Intrigued by the challenge, I delved into the world of DIY by watching videos and teaching myself how to operate a sewing machine. Soon, my home was transformed into a haven of vibrant hair bows, scrunchies, and headbands. Encouraged by the enthusiasm and support of my family, friends, and co-workers, I took a leap of faith and brought Kofi Kreations to life.

What does Kofi Mean?

But you may be wondering, what does "Kofi" mean? In African culture, "Kofi" signifies "born on Friday." Fittingly, it was on an early Friday morning that I sat down and laid the foundation for my company. I aimed to incorporate the essence of "Friday" into my business name while also paying homage to my African heritage. Thus, Kofi Kreations was born. I love creating hair bows and bringing smiles to little girls all around the world, one bow at a time. Now, I am dedicated to creating the absolute best hair accessories with a focus on excellence, and durability just for you.

Why do I pour my heart and soul into creating hair bows?

It's simple—I have an unyielding love for crafting hair bows that elicit smiles from little girls all around the world, one bow at a time. I am wholeheartedly committed to producing the absolute best hair accessories, ensuring they possess an unmatched standard of excellence and durability, just for you. I passionately believe that my thoughtfulness and meticulous attention to detail, from handpicking high-quality fabrics to delicately handcrafting embellishments, culminate in wearable works of art that will capture your heart. You can even think of me as the creator of #joyfulfillment!

On my website, you will discover an enchanting assortment of handmade hair bows that are whimsical, colorful, and vibrant. Each one exudes a delicate charm that reflects the unique bond between its creator and the wearer. A handmade hair bow is an expression of love, friendship, confidence, and individuality. I take immense pride in infusing your little girl's world with creative, one-of-a-kind art through my meticulously crafted bows. They add that special touch to their outfits, making them feel extraordinary while remaining versatile enough for everyday wear.

In our online business, my dedicated family is an integral part of the operation. They are all hands-on deck, assisting with quality assurance, inventory management, and packaging. Together, we take immense pride in every hair bow, headband, scrunchie, and hair clip we fashion. Our shared goal is to create wearable works of art that bring smiles to your faces. We aspire to make every young girl and woman feel beautiful, confident, and fabulous. Embrace the uniqueness that sets you apart and love yourselves wholeheartedly.

Thank you for being an invaluable part of our family's journey. I guarantee that you will adore every single one of our handmade products. So, let your creativity soar, embrace the joy of being yourself, and above all, have fun!

With warmest regards,

Tameka L. Jones
Founder of Kofi Kreations

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