Black Persephone Hair Bow

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Explore new levels of elegance with this Black Persephone Hair Bow. Made from vegan leather, it offers a luxurious look that will turn heads. A perfect accessory for any occasion! Take your style to the next level with the sophisticated glamour of the Black Persephone Hair Bow. This beautiful accessory is both comfortable and timeless, making it ideal for any special occasion or an everyday look. Let your fashion sense shine as you make a statement with this vegan leather accessory!


  • Perfect for any Occasion: Whether it's a wedding, prom, school event, or family photo, our Persephone hair bows are the perfect accessory for adding a touch of elegance to your look.
  • Easy to use: Designed for easy styling, our luxurious hair bows are simple to put in, making them a convenient choice for busy days or special occasions.
  • Chic and stylish design: Crafted from plush vegan leather, our Persephone hair bows offer a sophisticated addition to your ensemble, ensuring you stand out with a stylish flair.
  • Available in Various Colors: Choose from a range of colors to match any outfit or mood, allowing you to express your personal style effortlessly.


  • Luxurious look: With their plush vegan leather construction, our Persephone hair bows add a touch of luxury to your appearance, elevating your overall look for any occasion.
  • Comfortable wear: Enjoy all-day comfort with our soft and lightweight hair bows, ensuring you feel confident and stylish from morning to night.
  • Versatile styling options: Whether you prefer an elegant updo or a simple hair accessory, our Persephone hair bows offer endless styling possibilities to suit your individual taste.
  • Confidence Booster: Enhance your confidence and feel your best with our chic and sophisticated Persephone hair bows, empowering you to make a statement wherever you go.


  • Includes: 1 Hair Bow
  • Size: Approximately 4.5 x 2 inches
  • Attachment: 1 3/4-inch alligator clip
  • Material: Vegan faux leather

Hand Wash Only - Spot cleaning with warm water, soap and laying in a sunny spot to air dry is the best way to always keep wearable at all times! We don't recommend placing them in the washer/dryer since they are very delicate accessories!

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