Lilac Chiffon Scrunchie

Lilac Chiffon Scrunchie

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Your hair keeps falling out of your hair tie because it's just too small. Tying up your hair in a ponytail can be time consuming and frustrating. Our chiffon scrunchies are guaranteed to keep that ponytail looking tight, neat, and effortless in no time! Scrunchies don't get in the way of a girl's fun, allowing them to be worn all day without even realizing it's there! Chiffon scrunchies are great to wear and are age-appropriate for girls, teens, and adults. They also look both cute and amazing, which is essential for any item worn on one's head. The chiffon scrunchie is a funky new hair accessory that will show off everyone's best features. Don't let their feminine appearance fool you: these scrunchies don't slip off and keep hair pulled back and contained--whether you're at the gym or (for that matter) chasing after your kids. So why wait? Join the scrunchie revolution now!


  • Chiffon scrunchies help to prevent creases and kinks in your hair during prolonged use.
  • They reduce frizz in your hair.
  • With our scrunchies, you can style your hair quickly. 
  • Gentle on your hair.
  • It won't cause breakage or damage to hair.


  • Our chiffon scrunchies provide a strong hold in your hair. 
  • Soft and comfortable in hair. 
  • Made with strong elastic to hold shape and style. 

Size: 4.5" x 1.5"

Includes: 1 scrunchie

Hand wash only, hang to dry.

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